Hi, I'm
Matt Mammano
Freelance Web Designer and Developer
I design small-scale websites and comprehensive apps from Point Pleasant, New Jersey with a focus on producing dynamic web components for PCs and mobile devices. Feel free to contact me with the information below.
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Red Bank Ortho (2020) - I designed and developed this website for Red Bank Orthodontics, to replace their old website. It allows you to make appointments online and fill out forms before you arrive. I also utilized dynamic styles to fit both mobile and desktop devices and new development techniques such as a menu bar and slideshow.
Special Needs Job Locator (2019) - This website was made for the special needs class in my school and allows them to apply for jobs in their neighborhood. A large amount of students from that classroom normally become factory workers or do some type of manual labor - so I wanted to be able to provide alternatives for them. With this service, employers can sign up and make a job for students in the area to apply for. The teens can filter through the occupations by their interests and distance from their home.
Virtual Interactive Planner (2019) - This web application - which I was the lead programmer for - won the Congressional App Challenge. It is a task manager website that is still in progress and will soon allow you to plan scheduled times for your homework and other activities throughout the day. Many students have trouble planning their school work and after-school activities that studies show can lead to anxiety and depression. This website attempts to prevent that and instead provides an easy to understand UI for all ages to plan their work.
Open The Door (2019) - This website was made for the special needs class when one of the teachers confronted me about a problem they were having. Too many students were leaving the classroom and wandering around the halls for extended periods of time. This gave me the idea to make a sign-in/sign-out application that allows the students to easily enter where they are going and tap sign in when they return. Teachers are then able to print the data logs at the end of the day.
Let's get in touch if you have an idea to bring to life!